Ram – Wooden Jigsaw – 132pc

Puzzle Master
Part# BMS010823


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Jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts are in for a real treat with this Puzzle Master 133 Piece Ram Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle. It has a very artistic vibe about it that will make completing this a very relaxing and fun experience.

Puzzle Master are wowing people with this amazing new series of wooden jigsaw puzzles that they have just released. This one here features a very stern looking ram, there is just something so attention grabbing about a ram isn’t there? The clever use of shapes and colours to make up the ram really does give this a rather unique kind of look to it that will keep them going to try and complete it. Thanks to this having such an artistic look to it, this is the kind of jigsaw puzzle that would look amazing if it were framed once they have completed it.

Even though there are only 133 pieces to this jigsaw puzzle, it is still going to test their puzzle skills as they put it together. The norm for a jigsaw puzzle is that it is a rectangle or a square, you start from the edges and work your way in. you cannot really do that here as the head of the ram is the whole puzzle! This makes you have to think just a little bit more as you put each piece into the right place. This is part of the wooden series from Puzzle Master, which means that each of those 133 pieces is made from a strong and solid wood that gives the jigsaw puzzle a very premium kind of feel to it.