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Board games for kids and adults make great gifts for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just because, getting someone a board game is sure to bring laughter and joy. Not only are they fun to play but they can be educational and offer hours of entertainment. With so many best-selling board games available at Mind Games, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for any person or occasion. We stock the best party games for adults and families, including Anomia and Articulate. You will also discover a huge range of popular role playing games, trading card games and more. Shop online now or visit us at one of our convenient Melbourne locations.

Board Games Make Great Gifts for Several Reasons

  • They encourage social activity – board games bring people together and provide an opportunity for social interaction.
  • They are versatile – There are board games for all ages, skill levels, and interests.
  • They have replay value – Unlike some gifts that may be used once and then forgotten, games can be played over and over again.
  • They are educational – Many games have an educational aspect, whether it’s teaching strategy, problem-solving, or historical or scientific facts.

Pokémon – The Global Phenomenon

With its wide appeal and engaging gameplay, Pokémon games have become a cultural phenomenon and they continue to capture the hearts of players around the world. Easy to understand, yet requiring depth and strategy, players must carefully choose their Pokémon and moves to defeat opponents, making battles fun and exciting. Whether you are looking to add to your own collection or you’re looking for a Pokémon book or gift for a fellow fan, at Mind Games you will find Pokémon Go, Pokémon Celebrations (there are 50 cards in the Pokémon celebrations card list), Pokémon Star Wars (cute little star wars characters as Pokémon!) and much more.

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As the premier destination for gaming of all descriptions, we bring to Australia the very best games, puzzles, jigsaws, and Lego from the world’s most innovative and creative manufacturers. If you’re looking for some screen-free fun or you want to spoil a friend or loved one, you will be sure to find the perfect game at Mind Games. Shop board games, construction games, and dice games online now. If you need advice or have any questions regarding any of our best-selling games, reach out to our friendly team of gaming experts.