Cold Case: A Story To Die For and A Pinch Of Murder

Claire Claire

01 Apr 2024

What's on the table this week? It's MURDER!

Cold Case is a skinny box containing all the information you need to solve a case that has gone stone cold... That's right, the FBI need YOU!

I wish I could show you more pictures but the reality is if I photographed any part of what is essentially a police file I'd probably be giving away too much. You're presented with a file containing newspaper clippings, photographs, statements, fliers, basically everything you need to solve the case. And while there's a lot of reading and flicking forward and back between pages, these two each had Mum and I gripping slivers of information over and over for a full day. There's just enough information to make you feel like the answer is in reach, it's just thin enough to feel like you're loosing your grip on the parts. And while I didn't love being forced to use an app for the answers the reality is there's no more secure and accurate way to present the answers, especially if you like the idea of being told you're wrong and going back to try again instead of straight-up reading the answer. And while I felt like a lot of my final answers came down to guess work, at a retail around $30 there was certainly enough 'play hours' to justify the outlay. We batted our thoughts and answers around for hours, and in the second case we decided to sleep on it.

I've done a handful of cases now, from varying brands and I reckon this one is pretty solid. The production quality is great, lots of variety in the themes, notes and type of information given. This is a brand that I would happily revisit, should more titles appear.