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The 4M Kidslabs Colour Lab Mixer Kit includes a varied assortment of 18 educational projects such as Ice Rainbow, Dye Flowers, Firework in Water and Colour Eruptions. Included in the kit are a selection of materials to conduct your experiments. Some extra items you will need for these projects not included in the kit are easily found in your home such as water, a stapler, toothpicks, pepper, dishwashing liquid, baking soda, vinegar, and more.

This kit from 4M will let kids experiment with colour and light, and even includes some cool water science tricks that kids can learn and wow their friends with!

Adult supervision is recommended.

For children aged 5+

Kit includes:

3 Food Dye Tablets (Red, Blue & Yellow)
3 Plastic Test Tubes with Coloured Lids
1 Test Tube Rack
1 Plastic Dropper
1 Spoon
1 Container
1 Colour Mixing Tray
3 Plastic Squeeze Bottles
1 Packet of Tissue Paper
1 Colour Pattern Card (for creating visual effects)
1 Packet of Glitter
Project Instruction Guide