A Message From The Stars

Ages 10+ , AllPlay , Up to 8+ Players


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Can You Communicate With An Alien?
Equal parts logic puzzle and deductive analysis. A Message From the Stars challenges you to think like an alien. Step into the shoes of a team of scientists at a top-secret agency, intercepting mysterious messages from beyond our known world.

In A Message From the Stars, a team of scientists seeks to decipher cryptic messages from an extraterrestrial civilization.

Set against a backdrop of cosmic mystery, players take on the roles of brilliant scientists tasked with decoding a series of perplexing satellite transmissions. These transmissions are believed to contain vital messages from an alien race that could hold the key to the destiny of Earth. The catch? The messages are incomprehensible, written in an entirely unknown alien language.

Using engrossing deduction mechanics, players will collaborate with their fellow scientists to send messages back to the extraterrestrial senders. By exchanging these messages, you hope to unravel the intricate linguistic code that conceals the true intentions of the alien entity. Each interaction yields a numerical value, a piece of the puzzle that you’ll need to solve the riddle of the alien language.

Players can engage in cooperative gameplay, where all scientists pool their collective intellect to crack the alien code and unveil the hidden message. Alternatively, delve into team play, with two alien players sending messages across the galaxy.

The future of interstellar relations lies in your hands!

2 – 8 Players
Ages 11+
45 Minutes