Boom Bang Gold

Ages 7+ , Haba , Players 2+
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Not for the faint hearted, Boom, Bang, Gold is an exciting game with plenty of action in which speed and a good eye are important. The person who manages to collect the most nuggets in their gold chest at the end of the day wins the fast-paced treasure hunt. On the command ‘Boom, Bang, Gold’ everyone throws their dynamite sticks into the gold mine at the same time, then using only one hand, they all search for gold nuggets and action tiles from the mine to place on their personal shelf. If you spot a special tile with bat, rat, snake, or ghost, call ‘Watch out!”‘ to warn the other players there is danger before continuing play. When no more face-up tiles remain, the wild scramble is over and the action tiles are played. Use the game variations for hilarious consequences and after 12 rounds, whoever has the most gold wins!

Made in Germany the contents include 1 gold mine (game box), 4 characters with gold chests, 4 sticks of dynamite, 4 shelves, a pocket watch emblem, 160 tiles including boulders, gold nuggets, action and special tiles and a set of instructions.