Business Walrus

Ages 17+ , ClickHole , Players 4+
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Business Walrus is a brand-new party game where friends compete to invent products and win billions of dollars from the world’s wealthiest, most powerful investor: the Business Walrus.

ClickHole’s newly announced party game Business Walrus appears to share some similarities with Cards Against Humanity, featuring a deck of minimalist cards with stark text that prompt answers from the players, as well as other improv-led games such as Funemployed and Patently Stupid.

The game seemingly moves away from CAH’s fill-the-blank format by challenging players to instead pitch their inventions out-loud to the titular billionaire investor, who also happens to be a walrus. Cards include “asks” – which require players to create a product based on the requirement – and “must haves”, which augment their invention with necessary features. Walrus Surprise cards add in an extra gameplay twist during pitches – for example, by requiring the players to sing a jingle for their product or explain why the previous player’s invention was a bad idea.

Players judge the best pitch and the player with the most pitches approved wins.

4 – 20 Players

Ages 17+

30 Minutes