Caution, Under Construction!

Ages 5+ , Haba , Players 2+
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Foreman Ben oversees a large construction site, making sure that all machines and vehicles are at the right place at the right time. But watch out! Sometimes Ben has to run to the men’s room. Who is the fastest worker, carrying out the most tasks for Ben? Is it a construction task? (2 to 4 vehicles are shown)? As fast as you can, identify the vehicles on the task card and place the corresponding cards in your hand on your construction site card. Does Foreman Ben need to run to the men’s room? Now, as fast you can, turn over your construction site card. The back of this card shows the construction site toilet. Quickly snatch up Foreman Ben and place him on the toilet. After deciding the task card winner, all players collect their vehicle cards back into their hand and Foreman Ben is returned to the center of the playing area.

A rapid construction site game for 2-4 players ages 5-99. Playing Time: 15 minutes. Contents Include: 1 Foreman Ben, 40 task cards, 36 vehicle cards in 4 colors, 4 construction site cards and game instructions. Made in Germany