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“More moves. More fun. People may actually prefer this!”

This best-selling pack gives you the lot…elegantly designed pieces and a folding board (with rules on the back). All in one sleek package!

Your Chessplus set comprises of 38 high quality and durable resin playing pieces. The beautiful set of 19 Ivory and 19 Charcoal pieces has its own thick velvet, travel pouch. There are 3 Queens included for each colour as the game allows for many, more promotions than usual. Build your forces.

The design pays homage to the traditions of Chess piece design with an interconnecting design feature that allows for dual game play of Chessplus AND Chess.

Pieces range in height from 40mm (1.5 inches) to 70mm (2.75 inches) and are perfectly balanced to be practical during fast-paced games but are light enough to transport efficiently.

Playing pieces, Chessplus board and rule book included.