Crystal Growing Kit Large

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The super popular large crystal growing kit is a best seller!!

Conduct 7 different crystal growing experiments from this one fabulous kit. It’s fun to watch the sparkling crystals grow in front of your eyes. Display them in the specially designed display cases. It’s a cool crystals collection and a great chemistry experiment!

The Crystal Growing Experimental Kit stimulates creativity with many crystal colour possibilities and improves learning of science principles with different sized crystals in each experiment.
A great learning resource to stimulate mental development, creativity and encourage children’s natural curiosity.

Kit Contents: x3 large bags containing white crystal compound (a base compound called monoammonium phosphate), x3 small bags containing seeding mixture, x1 large display base with hexagonal transparent cover, x2 medium display bases with hexagonal transparent covers, x4 small templates, x4 small ring-shaped templates and detailed instructions.

Ages: 10+