DIY Mini House – Bloomy House

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Rolife DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit – Tiny Loft House Kit with Cover and Furniture Diorama Gifts for Adults/Parents/Teens (Bloomy House). Plus LED lights reveal its charm of delicacy. Assemled size: 4.7×5.5x11in. The instructions are in English with colored pictures to aid in the construction, everything in the kit is clearly marked and labeled so that assembly is as enjoyable as possible.

Build difficulty
Advanced ★★☆☆☆

Various wood, paper, cloth and metal parts
LED Lighting
Illustrated instruction manual

Recommended Tools
Craft knife

Model Number: DS002
Model weight: 1.02 kilogram
Assembled size: 120 x 140 x 280 mm

Not a toy – not suitable for children 3 or under
Includes small parts that could be a choking hazard

What you see is what you get
Yes, everything you see in the photos is supplied. Printed paper, cloth, wooden parts, LED lighting as well as glue and paint.


Detailed instruction manual
An illustrated English instruction manual is included. Each task is clearly described and there are many colour photos to show you how to assemble each part and where to place everything.


Incredible attention to detail
A lot of effort has been spent on little things such as flowers, picture frames and accessories. Turn on the LED lights and you’ll have a realistic-looking room.