Dune Betrayal

Ages 13+ , Gale Force Nine , Players 4+
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In the social deduction game Dune: Betrayal, players take on the identity of one of the iconic characters of Dune, each representing a distinct role within the factions vying for control amid the sands of Dune.

Your goal is to learn the identities of your foes while protecting your nobles, forming alliances, and utilizing tools to gain knowledge, and therefore power. Pay close attention to determine your allies and enemies, then defend your allies and attack your foes to secure victory.

Designed by Don Eskridge (The Resistance), Dune: Betrayal can be enjoyed by groups of 4-8. Players take on the identity of one of the iconic characters of Dune—such as Rabban, Harkonnen Noble, or Duncan Idaho, Atreides Fighter—each having a distinct role to play. The objective is to discover the identities of your enemies, while forming alliances and leveraging action cards to gain knowledge…and power. In the ensuing battle, players will have to be cunning as they attack targets and concurrently ensure the survival of their own House’s nobles.