Get It – Advanced Gold (Ari Games)

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In stock



Fun New Maths Game designed right here in Melbourne

Suitable for 12yo to adult

54 Poker size 300gsm smooth finish cards
24 Target Cards (Basic 20-100)
29 Number Cards
1 Rules Card
All in a durable, hinged plastic case


  • Number of players from 2 to many.
  • Each player may have pen and paper for calculations.
  • Separate the target cards from the number cards.
  • Select two dealers – one for the target cards and one for the number cards.
  • Deal one target card per player face down. No-one looks at their target card at this stage.
  • Deal two number cards in the centre face up. (Three for Get It Gold.)
  • All players now view their target cards simultaneously but keep them secret from the other players.
  • Players are required to use the number cards in the centre, in any combination of addition, subtraction,
  • multiplication, division and bracketing to reach their target number.
  • If no-one finds a solution with the initial number cards, deal another number card to the centre.
  • Players are given time to do their calculations. Repeat this process until some one finds a solution.
  • Not all of the number cards need to be used but each card can be used only once.
  • When a target card is reached the player calls out “Got It!” and presents their solution.
  • Example Target card “84”
Number cards 100, 20, 5 and 20.
Solution (100-20)+(20 divided by 5)= 84.
  • The first player to call out “Got It!” and presents a correct solution wins that game and scores one point.
  • If a player calls out “Got It!” and fails to present a correct solution, they drop out of that game and the remaining players continue.
  • For each new game pass the dealing of cards to the left.