Jellyfish Diver

Heebie Jeebies
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Learn about pressure and buoyancy with this clever little Jellyfish Diver!

It’s a fun, educational and hands-on science experiment for the engineering and biology-minded mini scientist!

Drop your little jellyfish in a plastic water bottle and squeeze to make him bob and dance.

Your pack includes one coloured plastic jellyfish. Requires a refillable water bottle (not included).

How to squeeze and use:

  • Squeeze the bottle hard and your jellyfish will sink quickly. Similarly, your jellyfish will float up when you let go.
  • When your jellyfish is moving up, try squeezing and releasing the bottle over and over again. Your jellyfish will rotate and dance as it moves back up the bottle!
  • Adjust your holding pressure to keep your jellyfish still in the water.
  • Colours¬† chosen at random.

Please read the package instructions prior to use.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.