John Carter of Mars RPG – Phantoms of Mars Campaign Book

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A heretical sect of the Holy Therns known as the Eidolon have risen from the shadows of Barsoom to threaten the nations of the dying planet. Using ancient technologies and forbidden science, the Eidolon and their leader, Hekkador Pharen Cul, seek to destabilize and undermine Helium and other nations, replacing the leadership with their own puppets. Allied with these white-skinned devils are a coalition of Red Martian nobility, Green Martian renegades, and a cadre of bloodthirsty raiders and pathan mercenaries. Throughout this 4 part adventure epic, the heroes will discover and battle their foes across Barsoom, from the streets of cities such as Greater and Lesser Helium, to the decks of mighty airships, to the ruined wastes and dead cities of the Barsoomian wilds.

Additionally, it includes miniatures rules for using the John Carter of Mars models to recreate desperate battles, as well as the planned ship deck plans in ship to ship encounters.

[Rear Cover]
Conspiracies On The Dying World of Barsoom

I must admit that cold shivers played along my spine and th short hairs at the base of my head stiffened and rose up, as do those upon a hound’s neck when in the night his eyes see those uncanny things which are hidden from the sight of man.

Edgar Rice Burrough’s John Carter of Mars: Phantoms of Mars provides you with a new, unique campaign for the John Carter of Mars: Adventures on the Dying World of Barsoom roleplaying game. Play through an epic story of swordplay and conspiracy, using the 2d20 System.

  • Uncover the Eidolon conspiracy using your wits, brawn, and the help of your companions.
  • Adventure to familiar locales and new locations, as the campaign takes you across the dying Red Planet.
  • New rules and statistics for narrator characters are included for each adventure.
  • New creatures are introduced, with their new rules and statistics explained.
  • Narrator advice is included on how to insert the campaign into your ongoing game, or as a seperate storyline.
  • Rules for miniatures combat builds on the 2d20 System conflict mechanics, for a standalone skirmish wargame experience.

This campaign supplement requires the John Carter of Mars: Adventures on the Dying World of Barsoom core rulebook.