Jouska – A Game by Jasky

Ages 10+ , Best for 2 Players , Mind Games - Top Picks , Up to 8+ Players


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A card game for life-changing conversations. 94 unique scenarios crafted over 5 years of conversations.

For the limited time we get to spend with those that matter, skip the small talk, and have EPIC time-warping conversations.

Jouska is a card game designed to skip the small talk and have amazing, deep, and life-changing conversations. Each card presents you a different unusual scenario and poses a question getting you to think about how you would respond.

Developed by Jasky Singh (SIKKANT on social media)

• Full pack of 94 cards with 94 different scenarios.

• Each pack comes with round corners and UV coated on both sided

• Card Size – 63*88mm with 2mm matched rounded edge

• Material for the card: C2S, 350gsm

• Material for the tuck box: C1S, 350gsm

• Comes shrink wrapped with clear plastic to protect the box.

And you don’t need to go anywhere, or have any fancy equipment etc.

  • Played while on a long road trip, or in the air,
  • Played on a first date, a dinner, or where conversations can be tough,
  • Playing while camping, or sitting in your hotel room with a glass of wine,
  • Played in groups with friends, or other couples,
  • Played at work for team building, or,
  • Played when you feel like just chatting.

You’re likely to spend $50 – $100 on an average night out with the aim of creating a memorable experience.

I hope this game can do that multiple times for a fraction of the cost.