Magic Maze Tower

1+ Player , Ages 10+ , Sit Down , Up to 4 Players
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Magic Maze Tower is a new standalone game in the universe of the Magic Maze range.
The game also contains 2 tiles allowing you to play Magic Maze with the little sister’s new pawn/character!

The adventures of the dwarf, the elf, the barbarian and the magician at the mall were a failure and our (brave) adventurers find themselves prisoners of a tower, or rather, of a high-security prison. They will probably need the help of a 5th hero to help them….

The goal of the game is to complete as many levels as possible to espace the prison.

Magic Maze Tower is played on a single Level tile, without an hourglass (you can take your time!), without a “do something” token, but the communication is still limited: Speaking is forbidden (or you will lose points).


  • Place a Level card in front of the players.
  • Place the Hero pawn of the corresponding color on each Hero space (not all 5 pawns are used every time).
  • Distribute the Action tiles to the players.


For a level to be completed, all conditions for passing the level must be met and the heroes must then use the exit.

All players will simultaneously move the pawns according to the action assigned to them.

Together, solve the puzzle to save the adventurers.

When a level is completed, you move on to the next one.

1 – 4 Players
Ages 9+