MicroMacro: Crime City – Showdown

1+ Player , Ages 10+ , Pegasus Spiele , Up to 4 Players
Part# 59064E
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Insidious individuals with murderous intentions and greedy thieves stalk the streets of Crime City, waiting in dark alleys and ambushing the poor citizens. In Crime City there are numerous new crimes just waiting to be solved by you! Team up with your friends to solve tricky criminal cases, identify motives, find evidence, and convict the perpetrators.

Showdown is the fourth and final part of the MicroMacro: Crime City series, and includes a new city map with 16 brand-new crime cases.

This is a stand-alone game, so the 16 cases included here can be played without having played the original game.

1 – 4 Players
Ages 12+
15 – 45 Minutes