Ages 5+ , Helvetiq , Players 2+ , Players 3+ , Players 4+
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The monster outside my window
In Misty , players receive cards, choose one and pass the rest of them on to their neighbors. In this way, everyone builds a window from 12 cards full of figures that are just waiting to come to life: the balloons rise, the cars roll away, the leaves fall. And there is a monster lurking nearby that wants to eat your flower. So pay close attention to how you place your cards: in the end, you only get points for cards that are still in the window field!

Misty is a simple drafting and programming game. In order to win, the players have to play tactically and with foresight and always keep an eye on the windows of the other players.

The goal?
Each player lays a window that consists of 12 cards.

To build his window, each player will choose a card from his hand and pass the remaining cards on to his neighbor. The players will have to make decisions: should they take this card or make sure that their neighbor does not get that card?

Once all of the cards have been played, some of them will move and cover others. These cards are eliminated. To win, players need to plan ahead and put their window together as optimally as possible to score as many points as possible