Monkey – Wooden Jigsaw – 132pc

Puzzle Master
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Monkey see monkey do, check out this awesome jigsaw puzzle for you to do. This is a really fun and cheeky kind of jigsaw puzzle that also has a bit of artistic flair about it. This Puzzle Master 132 Piece Monkey Jigsaw Puzzle is the perfect gift for a banana loving puzzle champion!

While the image of this monkey is a lot of fun, the way that Puzzle Master has designed this also makes it something that has a lot of personality and style about it too. It is made from all different kinds of colours which is what gives it a kind of artistic flair that is a real signature of this latest series of wooden jigsaw puzzles from puzzle master. What is so great about this is that once they are done, they will be so amazed by how cool this monkey looks, they might want to put it on a frame for their friends and family to check out.

Thanks to the incredible and clever use of colour, this monkey really does pop, but even though it is only made up of 132 pieces, it is still a challenging jigsaw puzzle. Puzzle Master has been quite crafty here as they have made the whole puzzle be the monkey’s head, there are no edges to work in from here! This makes this a much more challenging kind of jigsaw puzzle which a real “puzzle master” is going to appreciate. Puzzle Master always makes high-quality jigsaw puzzles, but this one (and series) here is made from wood instead of the traditional carding.