MTG – Dominaria United – Draft Booster (Single)

Wizards of the Coast
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Each Dominaria United Draft Booster contains 15 cards and 1 token/ad card, including a combination of 1 card of rarity Rare or higher and 3 Uncommon, 10 Common, and 1 Land cards. Traditional Foil Borderless Mythic Rare Planeswalker in <1% of boosters. Traditional Foil of any rarity replaces a Common in 33% of boosters. Contents: - 1 Dominaria United MTG Draft Booster Pack - Best boosters for drafting Dominaria United - 15 Magic cards per booster - 1 Legendary Creature in every pack - 1 Traditional Foil card in 33% of packs - Return to Magic’s home plane in a set full of your favourite MTG legends and heroes