Prognosis Death

Ages 13+ , Flying Man Games , Players 2+ , Players 3+ , Players 4+
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St. Muerte Hospital 10:00 pm – A patient is admitted to the emergency ward with rapidly developing symptoms. Doctors rush to see the patient with morbid curiosity on the otherwise dull night…

Prognosis Death is a strategic set-collection game where each player is a doctor who is trying to take the credit for curing a patient. You’ll collect symptoms and use them to construct a diagnosis. You’ll challenge and outwit your rivals. Get the recognition you deserve – at any cost!

Be aware – every action has consequences. If you delay too long the patient may perish, but on the contrary, that may be just what you wanted!

These are some of the most exciting aspects of Prognosis Death:

Tension between two opposing end game conditions: Your objective in Prognosis Death is to either have the lowest score remaining in your hand when a player decides to end the game by discharging the patient, or the highest score in the case that the patient dies.

Using your opponents’ cards: Over the course of the game cards will get revealed in players hands. When you reveal a card, it is flipped over in your hand so your opponents can see it but you can’t. When making a diagnosis you can use any card you can see. Be careful about what you give other players access to!

Diverse Strategies: Will you try to diagnose and discharge the patient quickly? Will you take your time and wait for the right moment to discharge the patient? Will you play the villain and try to kill the patient?

Tactical turns: Every type of symptom has a different effect, and each one is useful in its own way. You’ll have to think carefully about how to get the most out of them.

End the game when you choose: Players can often end the game when they choose (by discharging the patient) but doing so can be risky – other players may steal victory from you if they have a better hand. Wait for the right moment or your rivals may take credit for the patient’s recovery!

2 – 4 Players
Ages 14+
10 – 30 Minutes