Sea Salt & Paper

Ages 7+ , Pandasaurus Games , Up to 4 Players


Available: 13/09/2024


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Assemble your hand of cards, play their effects, and take the initiative to stop the round. Will you dare to give your opponents one last turn to try to maximize your own points?


In Sea Salt & Paper players are trying to manage their hands and collect sets of cards. On your turn, you may either draw 2 cards from the deck, keep 1, and discard the other face up, or take the topmost card of 1 discard pile. You may then play matching pairs from your hand to take special effects like stealing a card from your opponent or taking another turn.

Once a player reaches 7 points in their hand, they may announce either a Stop or a Last Chance. If they say Stop, all players score the points on their cards. If they say Last Chance, they’re betting that after one last round they will have the most points. If their bet is won they get bonus points! The game is played in rounds until one player reaches the required number of points for victory.


  • 58 Cards
  • 6 Game aids
  • 1 Rulebook

2 – 4 Players
Ages 8+
30 – 45 Minutes