Sonic: The Card Game

Ages 5+ , Players 2+ , Players 3+ , Players 4+ , SteamForged
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Race through Sonic the Hedgehog video game inspired stages built by flipping through a deck of cards. But watch out for the bad guys or you could be eliminated from the race.

Players will push their luck by deciding prior to each card flip if they will stay in the race or retire. Retire and you’ll collect all the rings and bonus cards revealed in the stage so far. Keep racing and potentially earn even more rings and bonuses, but risk losing a life when a second villain card is revealed.

Players will have two cards in hand, one to show that they will keep racing and one to say that they will retire. Each turn all players still in the race will secretly select a card, they’ll place it face down on the table. Once all players have made a selection the next card in the deck is turned over and added to the “course” of cards on the table. If there are two of the same boss cards in the course when it’s flipped, all remaining players lose a life token (of which they have three) and a new round begins. The game is played over five total rounds. When players choose to retire, they will collect all ring tokens on the course at the time and keep them for end game scoring.

2 – 6 Players

Ages 6+

20 – 30 Minutes