Spin Circus

Ages 3+ , Blue Orange , Players 1+ , Players 2+ , Players 3+ , Players 4+
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Welcome to the circus! Can you work together with the acrobats to be the star of the show? On your turn move an acrobat clip on the wheel to alter the effective weight and force the wheel to spin! It’s like a little physics lesson and it’s great fun too! When the wheel stabilizes, move your pawn on the track, as indicated by the arrow. Land on a space with a stage act and be ready to perform! The first player to reach the end of the track wins and gets a standing ovation from the crowd!

1 – 4 Players
Ages 4+

1 Spinning Wheel (including: 1 disk, 1 arrow, 1 post and 1 board)
3 Acrobats Clips
5 Player Pieces
1 Acrobat Dice
Illustrated Rules