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Direct a vast network of spies all around the world! As the head of a clandestine spy agency, gather intelligence files that have been strategically divided, and use them to maneuver your agents across the globe and accomplish daring missions. Along the way, uncover secret directives and powerful spy gadgets to give your agency the advantage over your rivals. The mission awaits, SpyMaster™!

SpyMaster™ is a light strategy board game that takes place over five rounds. Each round begins with the SpyMaster player cleverly divvying the available Intelligence cards into stacks, after which the players go around and each take one stack in clockwise order, ending with the SpyMaster. Next, players use the Intelligence cards they gathered to take turns moving Agent pawns— both their own and freelance Agents — into position around the world to control the areas and complete missions.

At the end of five rounds, the player with the highest value in accomplished missions, along with bonuses for remaining intelligence in hand, wins!


  • Spy Strategy For Everyone: SpyMaster™ is an ideal strategy game.  Players of all ages and levels of experience will have fun directing agents in a high-tech spy world.
  • “I Split, You Choose” Gameplay:  The SpyMaster player gets to divvy up the cards, but they can only take what other players leave them, so the decisions are key!
  • Hidden Content: Players will have to “Think Inside The Box” like spies if they are to discover all the tools at their disposal.

2 – 6 Players

Ages 8+

30 – 60 Minutes