Ages 7+ , AllPlay , Up to 4 Players
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Blaze a trail through uncharted terrain and mark the path along the way.
Switchbacks is a simple-to-learn tile-laying game that offers interesting decisions in a tight package

The rules are simple, but the decisions are tough.

Hikers only score if they are on a path of 4 continuous numbers. Do you join an opponents’ trail to team up, or block their path with one of your own? Do you forgo a sure placement to buddy up your hikers for a perfect space next turn? Will that space even be available next turn?

We have fallen in love with these elegant dilemmas and you will too!

In Switchbacks (Connect37), players place tiles numbered 1 to 37 into a hexagonal grid. When they place a tile, they may also place one of their chips onto it. At the end of the game, players check for groups of tiles on the board with consecutive numbers such that you can trace a sequential path; any player chips on these tiles are worth points. The player with the most points wins.

Switchbacks keeps the same gameplay as the original release, but with players now going on a mountain-trekking expedition and marking the trail along the way, ideally building connected paths.

2 – 4 Players
Ages 8+
15 Minutes