Tainted Grail – Kings of Ruin + Stretch Goals

1+ Player , Ages 13+ , Awaken Realms , Up to 4 Players
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(NB – Stretch Goals are included in the Core game box.)

Kings of Ruin is a new stand-alone story campaign from the team behind the acclaimed Tainted Grail board game, set in the same universe. Playable with a brand new set of exciting characters, it continues the stories of Fall of Avalon, Last Knight, and Age of Legends while also providing a perfect self-contained entry into the saga for new players.

During your experience with the game you will explore new lands (with a totally changed system of travelling through Wyrdness), solve encounters with force or diplomacy with a unique puzzle card system, and develop your heroes with new passive skills, cards and powerful items.

Most importantly, you will discover a dark immersive story of abandoned land at the wrong side of Avalon and Kings of Ruin ruling there:
Claudyne, the Unknighted.
Amberqueen Veneda.
Nonus, Bishop of the Deep.

Included with the game are:
3 Kings of Ruin models
3 Waystone models
4 Character models + 4 from Stretch Goals
4 Dual layer Character Boards + 4 from Stretch Goals
4 Companion models from Stretch Goals
48 Skill Tiles
99 Oversized cards + 37 from Stretch Goals
80 Small cards + 40 from Stretch Goals
459 Standard cards + 104 from Stretch Goals
200 Pages of exciting story + 72 from Stretch Goals
16 Lost Chapters Journal pages from Stretch Goals
122+ Tokens and markers
And 80+ other components including:
Special Plastic Lens incl Stretch Goal (SG) quality upgrade
21 cardboard standees from SG
7 Standees bases from SG
2 Trackers: diplomacy/combat from SG
Adventurer’s Notebook from SG
8 Unlockable Perk Sheets from SG
Into the Mists Roguelite Mode Rulebook from SG

1 – 4 Players
Ages 14+
90 – 120 Minutes