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Ready to hear What your friends really think of you?

UNFRIENDED is a drinking game not for the easily offended. Designed here in Melbourne this game will reveal your friends secrets and embarrassing traits. Combining intimate question cards with wild action cards, be prepared to get tipsy and truthful.

2+ Players
Ages 18+



Gather a group of willing participants and grab a collection of your favourite beverages.
Assign a number (1-8) to each player and then distribute the player voting cards (Player cards are located behind the action cards). Each player receives a voting card for themselves and every other player.
The oldest player goes first. The game is played in a circle, moving clockwise with each player drawing 1 question card per turn.
The starting player draws a question card and reads it aloud. Everyone then votes for the player they think is the best candidate for that question card by placing that player’s voting card face down. Once all players have voted, everyone flips over their cards revealing who they voted for. The player with the most votes is declared the winner. In the event of a tie the person who reads out the question decides the victor. The player that wins the round and is awarded that question card must then perform the action displayed on the bottom half of the card.
The Game winner is determined by the player who is awarded the most question cards by the end of the game session.
Actions are the result of a player winning a question card. Each question card indicates an action on the bottom half of the card which the player must perform.
  • 1 drink – This player must take 1 sip of their drink
  • 2 drinks – This player must take 2 sips of their drink
  • 3 drinks – This player must take 3 sips of their drink
  • Action card – This player must draw an action card from the pile and then choose to perform the action displayed on the card or finish their entire drink. Once complete return the action card to the bottom of the deck.
In the event that all players vote for the same person, that individual is required to draw an action card regardless of what is displayed at the bottom of the question card. This does not include the player voting for themselves.
Pre-drinks – The game ends when the first player is awarded 3 question cards. This game type is great for a quick game before a night out or to start off a big day of drinking.
Standard Session – The first player to collect 8 question cards is the winner.
All in – This season ends when you run out of drinks or every player is too drunk to continue. Allocate an allotment of time (Example 30min, 1hr, 3hrs) and the player in possession of the most question cards when the time span ends is crowned the winner.
Duos – If playing with only yourself and a special someone. Each person chooses 3 close friends or family members and assigns a player number to each extra person. Player 1 +2,3,4 Player 5 +6,7,8. Take turns drawing question cards and discuss which person best represents that card. If you control the player card for that person you are required to drink.
The material in the UNFRIENDED game is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. We do NOT recommend you do anything dangerous, illegal or that makes you feel uncomfortable, and do not support pressuring individuals into doing dangerous things or playing the game if they are uncomfortable doing so. UNFRIENDED does not encourage the drinking of minors or the excess drinking of alcohol by any individual. UNFRIENDED disclaims all liability from actions you take while playing the UNFRIENDED game.