Watch Ya Mouth – Family Expansion 1

Ages 7+ , Players 3+
Part# WYM003


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In stock


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Did your family play the heck out of the Watch Ya’ Mouth base game, so your kids recite our funny phrases by heart? No problem! Watch Ya Mouth Family Expansion Pack #1 replenishes your repertoire with plenty of fresh phrases for extended kid-friendly gameplay.

Watch Ya’ Mouth, The Original Mouthguard Party Game, is authentic and hilarious. Often imitated, never duplicated.
3-10 players
Hampered by cheek retractors, teams attempt to read and interpret silly phrases, like:
A belligerent bison is on the boardwalk!
Mother baboon and her fluffy babies.
Playful porpoises surfing waves.
Watch Ya Mouth Family Expansion Pack #1 comes with 155 family-safe, family-fun phrase cards and 6 blanks (161 total cards). Our cards are strong, thick, and durable for years of sticky-fingered quality time.

NOTE: This is an expansion and cannot be played alone.