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Is it true that laughter is infectious? Find out! In the beginning, each brain-teasing puzzle only shows one happy face, a Smiley. Place the figures cleverly so you turn all the frowns upside down!

Choose a puzzle to solve and place its Puzzle sheet as well as all tiles in front of you. In the upper right corner of each sheet, a yellow figure icon shows you how many figures you may use for this particular puzzle. Take the appropriate number of figures and place them in front of you. (Remaining figures can be placed aside, as they are not needed for this puzzle.)
First, place 1 figure on an empty space of the sheet. Now check, based on this figure’s position, if you can trace a straight line in any direction to a yellow Smiley or another yellow figure. If that is the case, and there are solely blue and/or red faces showing in this line, and no empty spaces, then do the following:
Place a yellow Smiley tile onto every blue face in between. (Neutral becomes happy.)
Place a blue tile onto every red face in between. (Sad becomes neutral.)
Now do the same line tracing and check for all 8 possible horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions from the figure.
In this fashion, one by one, place all figures of this puzzle onto the sheet to change the faces into Smiley tiles. The puzzle is solved, once all figures have been placed onto the puzzle sheet and all blue and red faces are gone so that there are only yellow happy Smilies.
Each puzzle has exactly one correct solution, where the figures have to be placed to solve it. The puzzles are designed in such a way that smart deduction will lead to the solution much quicker than trial and error.