Bubblegum Stuff – Name The Emoticon – Movies

Ages 7+ , Players 2+ , Players 3+ , Players 4+
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It’s Hollywood’s turn to get the emoji quiz treatment in the Name the Emoticon – Movie Edition card game. It’s a guess the movie quiz where pictures are your only clues.

A cast of emojis have been carefully assembled into numerous ensembles to represent movies, actors, actresses and characters. You’re cast as the detective, and your job is to take turns to crack the emoji code and work out what the meaning is to save the day. Have a little practice on this one… 🚢 🌊 💥

If you’re successful in this mission, and you work out the meaning before anyone else, then you keep the card as a way of keeping score. Once all cards have been played, the game is over. Players count their cards, and the one with the highest tally is crowned the king or queen of Hollywood.

It’s not all glitz and glamour, however. Much like the murky world of show business, not all in this emoji movie quiz is what it seems. Due to the unique way we all interpret emojis, you’re bound to pull a LiLo and slip up once or twice by saying something ridiculous (if you said Speed 2: Cruise Control for this one ⬆️ ⬆️ we’re talking about you).

But, if that’s the case, you can always assume the role of funny best friend, and let the real movie buffs do the talking. There’s no shame in playing the supporting role.

Name the Emoticon – Movie Edition is a simple and fun card game for people who love movies almost as much as they love emojis.