Bureau of Investigation – Investigations in Arkham & Elsewhere (Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective System)

1+ Player , Ages 13+ , Best for 2 Players , Mind Games - Top Picks , Space Cowboys , Up to 8+ Players
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Take a trip to the US in the 1920s and tear the veil concealing the unspeakable threats from Elsewhere.

As agents working for the Bureau of Investigation, you’re tasked with investigating paranormal cases inspired by H.P Lovecraft’s writings.

Explore Boston, Arkham and exotic lands! Follow leads, question witnesses, find clues and take action to solve these five brand new and strange cases.

This is a cooperative and standalone game based on the Sherlock Holmes Consulting detective system, with some twists and new mechanics.

1 – 8 Players
Ages 14+
120 – 240 Minutes