Cards of Candour – Real Friends Expansion

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In stock


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  • 50 naughty cards to be shuffled into the main game
  • strong sexual exploration themes
  •  connect over intimate and personal stories
  • save them for your real friends, not safe for work or kids

The Real Friends Expansion contains 50 darker and more inquisitive cards about sexual exploration, death and relationships.

These cards are not safe for work, families or acquaintances.

Save them for your real friends and shuffle them into the First Edition box to add a little pepper and spice to your evening.

All artwork is by Nelly Garreau, a prominent French illustrator.

Her unique style of minimalist pop/ optical art makes the box a statement proudly sit on a coffee table or someone’s bookshelf.

This is an expansion pack. Shuffle them into the main deck for an extra naughty night.