Danger Noodle

Ages 10+ , Players 2+ , Players 3+ , Players 4+ , U Games
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Avoid snakes at all costs! Danger Noodle is a card game for people who love cute and kind animals like Forest Corgis, Prison Ponies and Floating Potatoes, and who want to stay away from sharp and angry animals like Stab Rabbits, Furry Nopes and Sea Spiders. The first player to earn 30 points wins – unless they draw a Danger Noodle card!

How to Play:
(Quick Note: This game is played open hand, so players can see the cards in all other players’ hands!)
The oldest player begins by drawing from the shuffled deck in front of him/her. Players can draw as many cards as they wish during their turn, one at a time, until either:

They want to stop, they draw a DANGER NOODLE! Card, or they draw a negative value card.

If a player draws a DANGER NOODLE! Card, he/she must discard all of the Cards in his/her hand.

If a player picks up a Special Card, he/she must read the card aloud and perform the action associated with it.

Once a player has finished drawing cards from the deck, his/her turn is over and play continues clockwise with the next player drawing from the deck.

Play continues in this fashion until the sum of one player’s hand reaches exactly 30 points.

The game ends when the sum of a player’s hand reaches 30 points. That person is the DANGER NOODLE! winner, and knows a thing or two about avoiding snakes!