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Uwe meffert’s puzzles: Ghost cube – the goal of this puzzle is easy to understand – form into the shape of a cube – but the uniform color of the panels make it deceivingly difficult to solve. The seemingly arbitrary directions in which the puzzle turns makes this a challenge even for expert twisty puzzle enthusiasts. > Uwe meffert’s puzzles: an original since 1976. Uwe Meffert started designing rotational puzzles in in 1976 with the invention of the pyramid. Since then, he has created over 100 styles of rotational puzzles that are distributed worldwide. Uwe is a leading designer in the puzzle community and delights in finding intriguing new ways to puzzle his fans.

Twist this speed cube into all kinds of crazy shapes, and then see if you can put it back into a cube in this shape manipulation puzzle
One of a selection of challenging brain teasers and puzzle toys for kids from Uwe Meffert.
This fidget puzzle is the perfect adult puzzle gift, children’s puzzle gift, or cool gift for teens.
Great brain games for the IQ tester, once you’ve solved it you can scramble it and test yourself again!
Fine motor skills toys that pose a fun and engaging challenge.