Jim Hensons Labyrinth Card Game

Ages 5+ , Players 4+ , River Horse
Part# RH_Lab_006


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A game for the whole family. based on medieval card games and set in the magical world of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth.

The deck of the Labyrinth Card Game includes 80 beautifully illustrated tarot-sized cards, divided into 24 Major Suit cards (‘Labyrinthes’) and 4 x 14 Minor Suit cards (‘Owls’, ‘Clocks’, ‘Orbs”, and ‘Books’).

The simple core rules allow 4 players to have a quick, fun game, suitable for all the family. The advanced rules turn the game into a more sophisticated, highly tactical experience, more suitable for grown-ups. The game is designed for 4 players.

4 Players

Ages 6+

30 Minutes