Meme: The Game – Disney Edition

Ages 7+ , Players 3+ , Players 4+ , Spin Master
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Once upon a time, someone paired a classic Disney scene with a smart saying and a meme was born! Join visuals with sayings to create the funniest memes, as judged by your friends. This Disney version of Meme the Game is more kid-friendly than the original, and is perfect for the entire family.

To setup, shuffle the Word Card deck and the Picture Card deck separately, and the oldest player serves as the dealer. Each player receives three Word Cards and three Picture Cards, which are dealt face down and kept private from other players.

The object of the game is to create the funniest “meme” combining one picture card and one word card from your hand. To start, the first Dealer serves as the “judge”, who does not submit a meme that round, and other players submit their best picture-and-word combo for the judge to analyze. The judge determines the funniest meme created, and the player who submitted the best meme is given one point. After each round, it is important that every player draw a new word and picture card to bring the total number of cards in his/her hand back up to six (three word cards and three picture cards). From there, the “judge” responsibilities are passed to the left, and play continues until one player gains five points (that is, wins five rounds with the best meme).

3 – 6 Players

Ages 8+

15 Minutes