Pathfinder (2nd Ed) Rage of Elements

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Embrace the overwhelming might of nature’s primordial forces through the captivating pages of Rage of Elements, an all-new 224-page rules compendium tailored for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Immerse yourself in the very essence of reality as this tome unravels the foundational building blocks of existence itself.

Contained within these pages is the mastery of elemental manipulation, where the kineticist class emerges as a beacon of innovation. This heralds the arrival of one of fantasy’s most revered hero archetypes into the realm of Pathfinder. As you leaf through the pages, a plethora of new elemental spells and gear unfold, presenting an array of element-themed options that cater to characters across all classes.

Yet, the journey goes deeper still. Within this treasury, an expansive gazetteer unveils the majestic elemental planes in all their splendor. This comprehensive overview extends beyond the familiar, introducing two novel realms: the withering Plane of Metal and the sprawling, orderly forests of the Plane of Wood.

Diving into the fray, a robust bestiary introduces a myriad of element-themed creatures. These beings breathe life into alien landscapes, adding vibrant hues to even the dullest Material Plane dungeons, enriching the very fabric of your adventures.

At the core of this symphony stands Pathfinder Rage of Elements, a collective masterpiece from the minds of Logan Bonner, Jason Bulmahn, James Case, Jessica Catalan, Andrew D. Geels, Sen H.H.S., Patrick Hurley, Jason Keeley, Luis Loza, Mark Moreland, Jonathan Morgantini, AJ Neuro, Jessica Redekop, Michael Sayre, Mark Seifter, Shahreena Shahrani, Shay Snow, Solomon St. John, Levi Steadman, Mari Tokuda, Ruvaid Virk, Andrew White, and Linda Zayas-Palmer.

For those seeking both knowledge and convenience, the pocket edition beckons. Within its smaller softcover lies the same treasure trove as the standard edition, promising the same wealth of insight and adventure at a more affordable price, all while enhancing portability.

Embark on a journey where the very gateways to elemental dominion stand wide open. Embrace the extraordinary potential within Pathfinder Rage of Elements!