Photograph (Wind That Film)

Ages 10+ , Matagot Games , Players 2+ , Players 3+ , Players 4+
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It’s up to you to select your models and scenes to make the right photo compositions. In your turn, select one or more cards on the shared board. You will have to respect the constraints and deal with the information given to you by the face-up cards and the face-down cards, the back of which indicates a range. Place the chosen cards in the front of your hand, and then adjust the order of the cards in your hand.

But be careful, you can only move one card, and only to the front. Then take your picture: place cards from the back of your hand in front of you: you have to build up the longest films and respect the ascending or descending order you have chosen for each of your colored films. When you can’t put a card down, place it face down: it’s a blurry photo!

When there are no more cards to fill the board, count your points for each color: the largest series and good shots (bonus) will earn you points, while blurred photos will make you lose points!