Skye Skye

20 Apr 2022

With just a deck of playing cards, you technically already own this game. All you need are the rules, which are free to access from the designers’ website (, where you can select the ‘Learn To Play Regicide’ tab to watch a succinct 9-minute video that will teach you how to play (there is also a link to the written rules, which I personally printed). But to give you a quick rundown: your mission is to defeat the 12 royal cards by dealing damage with the standard pips in your hand, each suit being assigned a unique ability such as drawing, healing, blocking, and doubling your damage. It is tough, but fair, and a whole lot of fun.

I heavily encourage, urge, and borderline insist you give this one a go. Most of us have a deck of playing cards lying around the house somewhere, which makes this one completely free! But, more importantly, Regicide is possibly one of the best card games I’ve ever played. This 1-4 player co-operative game (there is a solo variant available) is swiftly becoming my all-time favourite filler card game due to its speed and ease of play. A game will take you 10-30 minutes, depending on how well you do, and I cannot sing its praises enough. With some playing cards in reach, I’d happily teach this to anyone. I imagine it would make a fantastic family game, since the rule of limited communication can be played more causally for younger or older players as necessary. I love that the rules give mention to this, since the difficulty of this game definitely has me leaning more causal during play.

I’ll be honest, a big part of my excitement for this one is definitely the fact that it feels so classic and timeless by using a deck of playing cards, but the co-operative nature simultaneously makes it feel more modern. I’ve wanted a game like this to exist for years. Plus, if you’re anything like me and find yourself absolutely smitten by this clever, portable little game, you can change the skin/aesthetic of your play experience by buying yourself a pretty deck of playing cards. I personally really enjoy Bicycle Brosmind’s Four Gangs and Bicycle Aviary, but you might also enjoy something darker, such as the Bicycle Stargazer series, or maybe you’d appreciate the sleek Bicycle Foil Back in crimson or cobalt. You can style this to whatever strikes your fancy, creating some eye-candy for this wonderful new additional to your games collection. Enjoy, and good luck committing regicide!