Killer Party – Kiss of Death

Ages 17+ , Players 4+ , Spin Master
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Who murdered the reality show bride? Compete against your friends to solve this celebrity crime in Killer Party’s Kiss of Death! Six to twelve amateur sleuths can play this whodunit party game. To crack the case, collect Clue Cards and use your deductive skills to piece together the events of the crime. But there’s one catch: the only way to get a Clue Card is by performing a crazy stunt! What will you do to get a clue? You and your fellow detectives work your way through three envelopes, until someone solves the case! Sure to get increasingly wacky and hilarious, Killer Party is equal parts fun and challenging! You must use your deductive reasoning and strategic thinking in order to score points and find the bride’s killer! At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins! In the event of a tie, you’ll have to take on another mystery – like Killer Party’s Fangs for the Memories! Will you be the one to crack the case? Test your sleuthing skills with Killer Party’s Kiss of Death: the social mystery party game!

6 – 12 Players

Ages 16+