Woodland Happy Families

Ages 3+ , Gibsons , Players 2+ , Players 3+ , Players 4+
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You probably think you know Happy Families. You may even have a pack.
But these are not just any old Happy Families.
Oh no.
I simply whooped for joy when I saw that Gibsons have re-released Racey Helps oh-so-charmingly illustrated Vintage Woodland Happy Families.
I just ADORE this set of cards – the illustrations step straight out of my magical childhood imaginings of real animal families (so much nicer than the uber-scary-weird-looking Jaques people variety). The game is one of our top family card games at Christmas, and has been since the kids were tiny. It’s a great leveller – even a 5yr old can beat a grown up. A deceptively simple trading game, you simply attempt to collect a complete ‘family’. I never fail to be surprised at how quickly young children pick up the complex logic behind the simple rules, working out that if Granny is asking for Mrs Robin, and I saw her already get Mr Robin, and I myself have Miss Robin, then she must hold Master Robin too (you have to hold one of a family to ask for others y’see).

Ages 4+

2 – 4 Players

10 – 20 Minutes